Why choosing ISA?

We choose innovative approaches trying to create something new, applying it on ourselves first to test it (we use ourselves as guinea pigs). If it works, we offer the new idea to our clients. Fortunately, we do not experiment with drugs or explosives or, worse still, poisons… we experiment with procedures, approaches, methodologies, ergonomics, techniques, evaluations, analysis. We are looking for clients ready to take a leap. Customers ready to get involved.



We want to have fun. Working just to work is not our style. If you are looking for cheap price workers, well, don’t contact us; not because our price is high, but because we do not sell a simple, automatic process. We believe it is necessary to put something of your own in your job.

We believe that this ‘your own’ has a value, and that this value is considerable.

The people who make up our team come from different experiences; everyone brings their luggage with them; we open it, look at it, evaluate it and share it. For example, I always forget my slippers; well, in the luggage of others there are always, so I use them when they don’t need them, and I lend them the shampoo that I never forget even though I no longer have my hair!

Before embarking on any trip, we check our luggage, if we got everything we need, great! If we miss something, well, that can be integrated; if a lot of stuff is missing, then be wise and surrender: we don’t want to risk dying of cold (or heat).

Slippers and Shampoo, we have it. Where should we go?