To us, the knowledge of Health and Safety at Work is an essential tool a worker must have to develop and improve its working life both socially and professionally and moreover a primary prevention element. The skills ISA tries to train during its formation sessions are efficacy, competence building and both self and organization wellness, using the training session as an opportunity for meeting and discussion within colleagues.

ISA currently cooperates with the institution OPN EBINAIL, has qualified teachers with decades of experience; develops corporate training plans, in compliance with current legislation, also through a careful analysis of needs by proposing traditional and innovative teaching methods (experiential, laboratory, theatrical, sporting, remote).
All ISA training proposals guarantee, in addition to needs analysis: design, delivery, monitoring, follow-up, validation and certification.

In the context of Health and Safety services, ISA aims to support its customers in the management of the training process through its Web Oriented “WI – Worker Integrity” platform. This platform is effective in scheduling all activities and obligations required by standards, laws and Quality Management Systems or Health and Safety in the workplace, finally for the administrative responsibility of the company. In particular, the WI platform:

  • Can be used from any location that has access to the web; this means that it is always reachable and shareable, although it is necessary to have access credentials and permissions to work independently;
  • Allows to manage very specific constraints, obligations and regulations, in order to obtain an effective response both in terms of management and concrete operational activity;
  • Allows to manage, with a schedule, all the activities foreseen in each training courses with the possibility of “reminders” that can be received by those who are responsible for control;
  • Prints reports that can be customized according to specific needs. The platform is, therefore, able to guarantee the organization, digitization, consultation, monitoring and planning of resources, for the entire training management process.